CityBus FAQs

  1. What all routes CityBus caters to?
  2. CityBus primarily caters for 3 types of routes:

    • Regular Route
    • This transportation service is for all major residential and commercial areas in Kuwait, using both single & double decker fleet.

    • Express Route
    • Buses deputed on these routes stop only in significant areas and major bus stops. This is helpful for those who commute on long distance routes and intend to save time.

    • Airport Route
    • CityBus in this case provides buses specifically for airport travels with comfortable seats and dedicated space for luggage.

  3. How is fare calculated between two stops?
  4. Fare is fixed based on distance between the stops.

  5. Can I get refund of balance fare if I get down at a stop before the destination stop for which I have purchased the ticket?
  6. No

  7. Can I extend my journey beyond the original destination?
  8. Yes, if you are account holder, the additional fare for extended journey has to be paid before making an exit from the bus.

  9. What should I do if I lose my smart card?
  10. You should approach Customer Care or Bus staff. You will be treated without ticket & shall be charged Max. Fare + KD ….. , In case later on passenger approaches that Card is recovered, no refund is permissible.

  11. What is a smart card? What are the advantages of smart card?
  12. A Smart Card is special type of ticket used for multiple journeys based on value available on it. The use of smart card offers following advantages:

    • Save time from daily purchase of ticket against cash payment.
    • Avoid standing in queue for purchase of ticket.
    • Provides freedom of choice of originating and destination station.
  13. How can I purchase a smart card?
  14. Smart Cards can be purchased from Bus Pass office, from MPOS (Mobile Point of Sales officers), as well as on-board from Bus Drivers.

  15. Can we purchase the smart cards online?
  16. Yes, to avail this facility user has to create an account in his/her Mobile App to get the digital smart card and enjoy the benefits.

  17. What is AFC?
  18. AFC is the term name to the system which stands for, Automated Fare Collection. The Automated Fare Collection system is a convenient way to address commuter ticketing needs as well as handle payments securely. Basic function of AFC system is to make the use of public transportation more convenient, more reliable and service more punctual.


  19. How can I open an account?
  20. You can create the CityBus mobile App account in the mobile app.

    • Mobile app

    Download and install the CityBus mobile app in your device’s app store and open it.

    • Press the Create account button.
    • Enter your phone or e-mail address.
    • Enter your Civil ID / Passport no.
    • Select your password.

    You will receive an OTP as SMS on your registered phone or a unique e-mail address verification link to the e-mail address you provided. Enter the OTP & confirm OR check your inbox and click on the link to verify your e-mail address.

    Once the system confirms the verification, you will be redirected to your account setup page to enter the information required to complete the account registration.

  21. Do I need credit card to open an account?
  22. No credit card is required to buy tickets.

  23. Can I open my account without a mobile number and an email address?
  24. Either a local Kuwait mobile phone number or an email ID is required to open a new account with a password to register in new account.

  25. Can I use the CityBus mobile App anonymously?
  26. Yes, the app works without account registration, but with limited functionality:

    Features that require account registration, and you will NOT be able to use:

    • Ticket purchases
    • Top-up Account
    • Payment history
    • Favorite locations
    • Trip history
    • Account type change

    Features that don’t require account registration and you will be able to use:


  27. Is my account data secure?
  28. Yes, your personal data is encrypted with the industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption technology. Mobile app and the backend server communicate through a secure https connection.

    We implement automatic account locking in case the wrong password is entered too many times in a row.

  29. How can I change my password?
  30. Follow these steps:

    • Go to your account (Manage Account)
    • Select Change password.
    • Enter your old password.
    • Enter your new password.
    • Click submit

    You will be logged out and will be required to log in with the new password.

  31. How is my password encrypted?
  32. Your password is encrypted with the industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption. We are following the latest guidelines and best practices for password storage.


  33. Which all tickets are available?
  34. There are various kinds of ticket availability and can be paid with card payment or using credit stored on e-wallet. We have following options available:

    • Single Route Ticket
    • Single Route 1-Month Pass
    • Single Route 3-Month Pass
    • All Route 1-Month Pass
    • All Route 3-Month Pass
    • Single Route Week Pass
    • All Route Week Pass
    • Student 3-Month Pass
    • Student 6-Month Pass
    • Senior Citizen 3-Month Pass
    • Senior Citizen 6-Month Pass
  36. Tickets are not personalized, so once the ticket has been paid for, it can be used for transit.

  37. Do I need to send copies/scans of my personal documents to avail a special promotion offer?
  38. Yes, one needs upload copies of your personal documents to complete verification process.

  39. For more information, feedback, or a complaint, where shall I contact?
  40. For more information, query, feedback, or complaint about CityBus or CityBus mobile App, you can contact us by:

  • Chat Now !