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Bus Ticket

Bus Ticket

You can buy single and Day pass
tickets from the bus driver as you get
on the bus. Our ticket fares vary according
to the distance travelled.

Route No From To Ticket Fares
Bus passes

Bus Passes

You can get your bus pass on the bus or from your nearest bus pass office. CityBus provides you with daily pass, weekly pass, monthly single route pass, monthly all routes pass, or 3 months pass.

pass-iconPass Group Name
Price (KD)


CityBus has the biggest routes network to serve major areas in Kuwait.


  • X1Airport to Fahaheel
  • X1Fahaheel to Airport
  • A2Reggai/Avenues to Farwaniya
  • A2Khaitan to Avenues/Reggai
  • A1 Avenues to Salmiya
  • A1 Salmiya to Avenues
  • 999Fahaheel to Sheraton
  • 999Sheraton to Fahaheel
  • 747Farwaniya to Airport/ Jaleeb
  • 507Sharq to Jaleeb
  • 106Jaleeb to Fahaheel
  • 106Fahaheel to Jaleeb
  • 106XJaleeb to Fahaheel
  • 106X Fahaheel to Jaleeb
  • 507Jaleeb to Sharq
  • 747Jaleeb to Airport/Farwaniya
  • 103Jahra to Mirqab
  • 103Mirqab to jahra
  • 102AFahaheel to Sheraton
  • 102ASheraton to Fahaheel
  • 102X Fahaheel to Sheraton
  • 102XSheraton to Fahaheel
  • 77X Ardiya to Salmiya
  • 77XSalmiya to Ardiya
  • 77Khaitan to salmiya
  • 77Salmiya to Khaitan
  • 66XSalmiya to Hassawi
  • 66XHassawi to Salmiya
  • 66Hassawi to Salmiya
  • 66Salmiya to Hassawi
  • 59XHassawi to Shuwaikh
  • 59X Shuwaikh to Hassawi
  • 59Mirqab to Hassawi
  • 59Mirqab to Hassawi
  • 51Jleeb to Sharq
  • 44Subhan to Sharq
  • 21Mirqab to Jaleeb
  • 21Jaleeb to Mirqab
  • 21AFarwaniya to Sharq
  • 21ASharq to Farwaniya
  • 39ASharq to Subhan
  • 39ASubhan to Sharq
  • 44Sharq to Subhan
  • 51Sharq to Jleeb
  • 13Mirqab to Airport
  • 16Jleeb to Maliya
  • 16Maliya to Jleeb
  • 15Salmiya to Maliya
  • 15Maliya to Salmiya
  • 13Airport to Mirqab

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About Us

CityBus, the flagship brand of City Group Company KSCP is the first privately held public transport provider in Kuwait. Since March 8, 2002, CityBus has been transforming the face of public transport by providing modern, reliable, safe, and economical transport services to the residents of Kuwait. CityBus provides regular stage carriage services on public routes and chartered bus services for its institutional customers. It owns and operates a fleet of more than 500 air-conditioned buses, 80 of which are sustainable less carbon emission buses throughout Kuwait and has clocked more than 68 million passenger journeys.


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